fig 219A, sketch
fig 74A, model, Tolhuis site Volumetric study
fig 443A, concerthal akoestiek
fig 443B, model, concerthal akoestiek
fig 443C, drawing, concerthal akoestiek
fig 343A, plan woning
fig 419A, drawing, Final plans
fig 420A, drawing, Isometrie gevel
fig 10A, drawing, CORRUGATED WEB BEAM, Production GLP Beam
fig 10B, photo, CORRUGATED WEB BEAM, Connection GLP to GLP
fig 10C, photo, CORRUGATED WEB BEAM, Connection GLP to column
fig 421A, Brewery visit
fig 421B, Brewery visit
fig 349A, WTC – model
fig 349B, WTC – model
fig 360A, Maquette 1/50
PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA, led by Floris De Bruyn & Olivier Goethals., With the support of Ku Leuven, Faculty of architecture Sint-Lucas Ghent, Development by atelier Arthur Haegeman