fig 616A, Masterplan 25/03 & 1/04 2020
fig 616B, Masterplan 25/03 & 1/04 2020
fig 616C, Masterplan 25/03 & 1/04 2020
fig 345A, Open structure + circulation
fig 277A, Ceiling Infrastructure plan
fig 213A, studio, its. Ivo Tavares Studio - fotografo de arquitectura - architectural photographer
fig 334A, WERKMAQUETTE_3.0
fig 420A, sfeer
fig 536A, Schets, demonteerbare structuur, Jean Prouvé
fig 702A, Axonometries CONNECTING GRID
fig 702B, Axonometries CONNECTING GRID
fig 230A, proces_32
fig 223A, drawing, proces_23
PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA, led by Floris De Bruyn & Olivier Goethals., With the support of Ku Leuven, Faculty of architecture Sint-Lucas Ghent, Development by atelier Arthur Haegeman