fig 543A, Bambow bridge – Atelier Lai
fig 926A, EL Beton A0 analyse
fig 757A, detail schetsen
fig 757B, detail schetsen
fig 757C, detail schetsen
fig 174A, drawing, current structure analyse
fig 451A, Repitition
fig 743A, photo, Strabag – Stapelplein Gent, Hole for crane inside basement
fig 838A, drawing, section detail structure
fig 115A, photo, Site visit
fig 115B, photo, Site visit
fig 115C, photo, Site visit
fig 937A, model, Final design Model 1/100
fig 937B, model, Final design Model 1/100
fig 937C, model, Final design Model 1/100
fig 711A, photo, Vynckier, Masterplan, Overdekte markt met passerelle
PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA, led by Floris De Bruyn & Olivier Goethals., With the support of Ku Leuven, Faculty of architecture Sint-Lucas Ghent, Development by atelier Arthur Haegeman