fig 697A, 3RROR cad to jpg
fig 308A, Site Visit 2
fig 308B, Site Visit 2
fig 308C, Site Visit 2
fig 555A, Werf GENT
fig 464A, House Botte – bOb Van Reeth
fig 286A, werfbezoek – kraan in liftschacht
fig 16A, photo, SITE VISIT, The large wooden beams ready to be installed.
fig 16B, photo, SITE VISIT, Prefabricated elements are fixed on the columns.
fig 16C, photo, SITE VISIT, Steel elements where the secondary wooden beams will be fixed on.
fig 682A, model, Fragment schijf
fig 682B, Fragment schijf
fig 682C, Fragment schijf
fig 638A, Idea Superstudio on ConnectingGrid
fig 475A, volumestudie
fig 688A, Maquette Masterplan
PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA, led by Floris De Bruyn & Olivier Goethals., With the support of Ku Leuven, Faculty of architecture Sint-Lucas Ghent, Development by atelier Arthur Haegeman