fig 184A, Design
fig 184B, Design
fig 184C, Design
fig 235A, model, Laia Bonet and Charlette Frémont
fig 716A, photo, Vynckier, Masterplan, Zicht op plein
fig 440A, Jury WTC
fig 440B, Jury WTC
fig 440C, Jury WTC
fig 512A, Final maquette
fig 512B, Final maquette
fig 512C, photo, Final maquette
fig 457A, Enclosed houses
fig 457B, photo, Enclosed houses
fig 128A, drawing, Final drawings
fig 128B, model, Final drawings
fig 128C, drawing, Final drawings
fig 354A, Vertical Garden WTC
fig 354B, Vertical Garden WTC
fig 487A, test housing tower
fig 344A, Drawing of concrete silo
PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA, led by Floris De Bruyn & Olivier Goethals., With the support of Ku Leuven, Faculty of architecture Sint-Lucas Ghent, Development by atelier Arthur Haegeman