fig 795A, drawing, bOb Van Reeth, Circle vs Square, The basic operation in the design is playing the circle and parts of the circle off against the equality, the peace and quiet, and the infinite expandability and divisibility of the square and the grid. Because every square is otherwise perfectly divisible and fits in without a different figure ever being created. A square certainly does centre but at thesame time the four sides decentre and orient, the sides are just as strong as the cenre. A circle on the other hand radiates but centres to a much greater degree, detaches itself, and never shares its borderline with a second circle. It is enough to draw a circle in or around a square, or to construct a circle from an angle of a square, to obtain a dynamic heterogenous division of the plane with centred and non centred, single and complex planes, regular primary figures and secondary spaces, insides and outsides, direction.
fig 535A, photo, Palais d’Iéna, Paris – Auguste Perret
fig 405A, drawing, SECTION_BREWERY_AA’
fig 583A, model, Proposal Masterplan Model
fig 133A, photo, Final urban model
fig 133B, Final urban model
fig 133C, model, Final urban model
fig 784A, Mies van der Rohe – Kruiskolom
fig 99A, Basic Concrete Prefab Construction, construction site
fig 99B, Basic Concrete Prefab Construction, Connection in the center of a diagonal buttress
fig 99C, Basic Concrete Prefab Construction, Top connection of a diagonal buttress
fig 774A, The Cube
fig 820A, SUPERSTUDIO Un catalogo di ville 1968-1970, Villa Suburbana A6
fig 787A, Mies van der Rohe – Farnsworth House – Hoekdetail
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