PRIMARY STRUCTURE Visit Building Nachtergaele Location: Victor Braeckmanlaan 172, 9040 Gent, The project Nachtergeale is originally from the 1970s but has recently been renovated and extended. The top portion has been added and the existing structure has been strengthened to withstand the additional loads. A big inspiration for the project was the modernist architect Mies van der Rohe, this is apparent in the similar building philosophy such as; mixing standard steel elements to create new forms, attention to detail, decoration is a result of the construction method. posted by Enrico Pavone at 16.03.21 in Wiedauwkaai Gent, 2021 LOGIN
fig 811A, photo, back facade, Steel, old and new, renovation
fig 811B, photo, Canopy, conncection, structure, wood, steel, detail
fig 811C, photo, Montage, original plans
fig 811D, photo, Facade, floor, conncetion, 3D, lost form, steel, concrete
fig 811E, drawing,
fig 811F, drawing,

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