PRIMARY STRUCTURE Site Ijzerweglaan Location: IJzerweglaan 101, Gent, A car dealer's garage - home to Volvo and Maserati - occupies the middle of a 13.000 m2 site. Bordered in the North by housing (Garden-city houses and Modernistic towers), in the East by the E17 viaduct, in the South by the train track and in the West by the river Schelde. It's an island of very different typologies. posted by Anton Parys at 30.05.17 in Gent, 2017 LOGIN
fig 113A, drawing, City fabric © Anton Parys
fig 113B, photo, Island cut off by the river Schelde and the E17 Viaduct © Bing
fig 113C, model, © Anton Parys
fig 113D, drawing, Different existing typologies © Anton Parys
fig 113E, photo, © Anton Parys
fig 113F, photo, © Anton Parys
fig 113G, photo, A fence between a small neigborhood park and the 13.000 m2 site © Anton Parys
fig 113H, photo, © Anton Parys
fig 113I,
fig 113J,

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