PRIMARY STRUCTURE Final design Model 1/100 Location: Wiedauwkaai buitensingel, The studio focussed on a new developing industrial site in the harbour of Ghent. My addition was a brewery for the young beer brand “Pony’s”, created but not brewed in Ghent. With this project i relocate and strengthen the link with the city and the brand. Some strong design cues are taken from the iconic brewing silo’s and reflect the inner workings onto the surroundings. With a more social engaging program i intend to draw more interest and people to the location and become a possitive mark in the busy industrial setting. posted by Enrico Pavone at 06.06.21 in Wiedauwkaai Gent, 2021 LOGIN
fig 894A, model,
fig 894B, model,
fig 894C, model,
fig 894D, model,
fig 894E, model,
fig 894F, model,
fig 894G, model,
fig 894H, model,
fig 894I, model,

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