PRIMARY STRUCTURE Poco Loco – Fully automatic warehouse Location: Rumbeeksegravier 189, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium, Construction of a new warehouse of 43m high. It can store up to 42000 pallets. It is a steal construction which is build on the ground and than put each of these parts at the correct location with a crane. With this method you can build safer and faster. The only things done in the 'air' is connecting the sections and also putting some extra reinforcement on it to withstand the windloads. In front of the warehouse there is a building made which is a concrete construction for a new production line.posted by Hannes Mol at 15.03.17 in Gent, 2017 LOGIN
fig 23A, photo, View from the street
fig 23B, photo, section build on the ground
fig 23C, photo, connection of 2 different sections
fig 23D, photo, reinforcement for windloads
fig 23E, photo, connection
fig 23F, photo, detail of a steel beam
fig 23G, photo, reinforcement on the top for the windloads

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