PRIMARY STRUCTURE WTC remodel – a tower can have a lot of different plans Different spaces, different structures, different plans... 32 to be precise. Primary doesn't mean generic.posted by Karel Verdonck at 07.06.18 in Remodel WTC Brussels, 2018 LOGIN
fig 425A,
fig 425B,
fig 425C,
fig 425D,
fig 425E,
fig 425F,
fig 425G,
fig 425H,
fig 425I,
fig 425J,
fig 425K,
fig 425L,
fig 425M,
fig 425N,
fig 425O,
fig 425P,
fig 425Q,
fig 425R,
fig 425S,
fig 425T,
fig 425U,
fig 425V,
fig 425W,
fig 425X,
fig 425Y,
fig 425Z,
fig 425,
fig 425,
fig 425,
fig 425,
fig 425,
fig 425,

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