PRIMARY STRUCTURE Tram depot Marconi – site visit Location: Steenweg op Ruisbroek 52, 1180 Vorst, The tram depot Marconi will be a depot for 75 trams and a working space for at least 15 trams. There will also be an administration building with an relax room for the tram conductors. The depot part is manufactured with a steel structure that will stay visible. The working space is mostly made of a combination of wooden beams, steel columns and concrete columns.posted by Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck at 15.03.17 in Gent, 2017 LOGIN
fig 21A, photo, © Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck
fig 21B, photo, © Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck
fig 21C, photo, © Emmanuelle Vanhaesendonck

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