PRIMARY STRUCTURE JOHN HABRAKEN, DE DRAGERS EN DE MENSEN 1961 Location: The Netherlands, Study on a meaningful person. John Habraken's theoretical contributions are in the field of user participation in mass housing. His theory described a primary structure, provided by the collective, which the users could fill in with individual living spaces. posted by Isaak Belay at 25.04.23 in Gentbrugge viaduct, 2021 LOGIN
fig 937A, drawing, Primary Structure / Highway © John Habraken
fig 937B, photo, Molenvliet © John Habraken
fig 937C, drawing, Viaduct Gentbrugge © Isaak Belay
fig 937D, photo, Abandoned skyscraper, taken over by 3000 squatters © Iwan Baan

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