PRIMARY STRUCTURE FRAC, Dunkerque by Lacaton & Vasal Location: 503 Avenue Bancs de Flandres, 59140 Dunkerque, France, The North region FRAC is located on the site of Dunkerque port in an old boat warehouse called Halle AP2. To implant the FRAC, as a catalyst for the new area, and also to keep the halle in its entirety becomes the basic idea of the project. To achieve this concept, the project creates a double of the halle, of the same dimension, attached to the existing building, on the side which faces the sea, and which contains the program of the FRAC. The new building juxtaposes delicately without competing nor fading. The duplication is the attentive response to the identity of the halle. Under a light and bioclimatic envelope, a prefabricated and efficient structure determines free, flexible and evolutionary platforms, with few constraints, fit to the needs of the program. posted by arthurhaegeman at 08.03.17 in Gent, 2017 LOGIN
fig 8A, photo, Frontal Facade, showing the old building and new 'copy' next to each other © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8B, photo, © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8C, photo, The beautiful transparency of the skin invites the outside world in and ceases to be distant as an art institution might be. The shell does only what it is meant to do, protect its core from the outer elements. The glass and steel myth was reinterpreted and altered with a plastic and steel frame. © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8D, photo, Steel connection between the old and new building. © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8E, photo, The climactic gain from this greenhouse concept is an ingenious solution for the demand of more self-sufficient buildings and energy efficiency. The circulation spaces function as a buffer between the spaces and the one-layered shell. © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8F, photo, Where the spaces themselves border the shell, at the upper level aswell as the vertical separation space between the 2 monoliths, another ingenious transparant envelope is applied. Convexly shaped hard plastic is placed in layers against eachother so an insulating layer of air is trapped inside this half orb space. © Arthur Haegeman
fig 8G, drawing, Detailed section
fig 8H, drawing, Front facade detail

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