PRIMARY STRUCTURE Grand Hotel Location: Noto Marina, The construction of the Grand Hotel, by engineer Francesco La Grassa, started in 1934 but was never fully finished. The skeleton of the structure remained for decades, unsafe and vandalized several times. In 2014, due to its extreme danger, it was definitively demolished. Noto Marina was seen as a site where architecture was approached with a new perspective. Another building, 'Caffe ristorante Miramare' by 'La Grassa,' located at this site, for which little information is available, also features these remarkable circular towers. Because both of these structures were developed in the 20th century, Sicilians consider them to be postmodern buildings. It's just unfortunate that we can no longer visit them.posted by Hanna Demey at 22.12.23 in Disaster and a decision, Noto 2024 LOGIN

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