PRIMARY STRUCTURE analysis, storage for granulates, Willemen Infra, Brecht De Roose & Wannes De Brouwer Location: Daniël Kinetstraat, Gent, posted by Wannes De Brouwer at 01.04.21 in Wiedauwkaai Gent, 2021 LOGIN
fig 830A, model, Part of structure with cantilever
fig 830B,
fig 830C, model,
fig 830D, model,
fig 830E,
fig 830F, drawing,
fig 830G,
fig 830H,
fig 830I,
fig 830J, model,
fig 830K, model,
fig 830L, photo, Interior steel Truss, aesthetics of prefab
fig 830M,
fig 830N,
fig 830O,
fig 830P, model,
fig 830Q,
fig 830R,

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