PRIMARY STRUCTURE is about developing an intelligent building structure. The Studio works from specific case studies, feasibility studies submitted by the practice or social necessity.

PRIMARY TALKS, view program here.
Within the context of the studio PRIMARY STRUCTURE we invite speakers form different disciplines who’s work is relevant within the theme. The focus of the lecture series is on the working method, the way the work comes to being.

The challenge is to look beyond the specific program and look at the relevance of the built structure in the future, both in terms of cultural, social and ecological sustainability. The context, the place with its specifc conditions is guiding the design. Concepts such as reuse, permanence, temporality, exibility, autonomy, conservation, demolition, construction, industrial construction, ecology, economics, sociology will be weighed against each other. The end result can finally be reduced to its primary structure, which is presented as a stand-alone product.

The objective is an ongoing investigation to link contemporary building strategies to specific situations. Existing examples of (anonymous) primary architecture are mapped and, together with the results of workshops on the basis of an unambiguous visual language can be consulted in a powerful blog. An annual digital publication is the subject of a recurring debate.

PRIMARY STRUCTURE is an initiative of GAFPA with the support of Ku Leuven Faculteit architectuur campus Sint Lucas Gent,