PRIMARY STRUCTURE Images models lot7-8 Location: Gent bedrijventerrein Wiedauwkaai, Interior and exterior photo's of the models on scale 1/50 and 1/100 made for lot7-8. The main concept behind the building was giving back the lost space to nature by letting the park sweep over the building. The use of standard concrete bridge elements enables the creation of long spans, what gives the building an open feeling with a lot of light under the massive, almost brutalistic solid structure. A temporary secondary wood structure divides the building in useful office space.posted by Michiel Swerts at 25.04.23 in Wiedauwkaai Gent, 2021 LOGIN
fig 998A, model,
fig 998B, model,
fig 998C, model,
fig 998D, model,
fig 998E, model,
fig 998F, model,
fig 998G,

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